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About GIMS

Geo Information and Mapping Solution (GIMS)

GIMS is a team of Innovators working on GIS application since 2007.

  • GIS,
  • Geo-Reference Model(GRM)
  • Geo Mapping, Project Mapping,
  • Geo Modeling,
  • Geo Application,
  • Geo Movie
  • Geo Data Processing

are some of the solutions GIMS is actively working on.

We are working on an innovation to incorporate 3D into GIS application. Geo-Reference Model (GRM) is an innovation to incorporates 3D model into GIS data and presentation. With GRM, Geographic Information System is not just map representation of data, it is deeper. GRM empowers planners with various options to view the project on the location to the scale. This helps planners to conceptualize a project, plan better, make changes easily and take approvals faster.

Geo-Reference Model is a visual solution to develop an entire project on the location of the map in 3D. This has interactivity and executed as per the earth terrain. GRM will be very useful for planners to plan better. Planning is a very critical aspect of an infra project. This will give various options for the planners to plan better. Infrastructure projects like Smart City, Industrial towns, Tech Parks, Industrial Estates, Flyover, Dams, Airports, Stadium, Road alignment can be planned better with GRM.

GIS Data Processing

GIMS has a separate wing to undertake the GIS data processing jobs. Our BPO is a 200 unit with People, Office, Infrastructure, systems, connectivity and security to undertake GIS data processing job. We have required infrastructure, personnel and capability to execute any GIS, lidar and any related works.