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Smart City Solution

Smart Cities are being developed across globe. These are mammoth size projects that needs precise planning and execution. There are various levels of planners and executers are involved while developing a SMART CITY. This needs to be showcased to various organizations, government agencies and public. Smart City requires various levels of approvals and sanctions.

Infrastructure Modeling/Geo Modeling of a SMART CITY is a critical solution for all those involved in designing, planning and Developing a smart city.

We develop the entire layout of the SMART CITY on the Location to the Scale. That includes.

  • Mapping of entire City Plan as per the drawing (This will be done as per the terrain)
  • Mapping of Roads layout
  • Mapping/Modeling of Green Areas
  • Mapping of various sectors like green, water body, Housing, Office, Industrial, Office etc.
  • Mapping/modelling of Electrical Infrastructure and lines.
  • Mapping of sanitary and water facility
  • Providing various Geo models of the structures.
  • Entire City terrain will be extracted using Google Earth will be provided in DWG format. This will help planners to plan better.
  • Images. Movie and KMZ files required for presentations and approvals will be provided.


  •  Visualization of Entire city plan in one screen that is interactive.
  •  Better Planning and bring in changes after studying on the location.
  •  Understand the earth terrain while planning – Effective planning.
  •  Before taking up a survey, have a overall view of the location, its elevation and terrain data.
  • Scaled Model of the project will be developed on the location. Geo Model will be developed as per the terrain and it will have interactivity easy to study and understand.
  • Changes can be applied quickly – Compare and take a decision.
  • Land acquisition data will be mapped. that helps in the process of acquisition. Presentation for Approvals and Sanctions will be more effective.
  • Stored in a cloud so that all team members can access.
  • Can be viewed on the earth/ map location


  •  KMZ file
  •  High Resolution non- rendered Images
  •  Video: 360° movie