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LandMap is a venture to Map every piece of LAND.  The land is a valuable asset that we own. Every piece of land has an owner, boundary, area, dimension, khatha number, title deeds etc.  We perform various activities like buying, selling, development, JV, farming etc. LANDMAP helps people to map your land and manage it. 

The concept of LANDMAP is


you valuable asset LAND.  


to map every piece of land GIMS has developed a new technology MICRO MAP 

MICRO MAP is a technology, that allows you to map your land.  The moment you map your land, it will provide you access to various levels of information that will be part of  your land. 

Map & Index every piece of land

You may own a piece of LAND/site/plot.  Your piece of LAND has a presence on the map and it is unique. I am sure you have identified your land on the map.  Your land has a boundary, dimensions, area, ownership,  Site number, Khatah number/survey number and various documents attached to it. You perform various activities like buying, selling, farming, developing, construction, JV etc on your LAND. You need to pay taxes, dues and maintain it.  You agree with me that, LAND is a valuable asset.  Don't you think, your LAND needs an ASSET MANAGEMENT TOOL? 

Yes, LANDMAP is a solution to map, store, share and manage your valuable asset LAND.  We are using the uniqueness of your land on the map to provide you the solution. Land Map is all about  "MAP - STORE - SHARE  & MANAGE"  your valuable ASSET LAND. We aim to map every piece of LAND, so that it can be developed as a social enterprise. Data and Information of LAND  are valuable, that may lead to a $billion biz.  

We are working on providing tools and technology to map your land. Just create the boundary of your LAND/SIE/PLOT using our map and tools given. While you map your land, you will be linked to a comprehensive "ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTION ". This helps you to store, maintain, monitor and manage your valuable asset Land.

There are various types of lands like sites, industrial land, farms, estates, agricultural land and many more. You may map any type of land. when you create the map it will link you to an asset management tool. This helps you to manage your land.  

You may ask me why should I map my land. Yes, mapping of your land has vast benefits for landowners and users. Apart from Asset Management Tool Land map will also provide land mappers with 

  • Location Intelligence: location related information like access, road approach, developments in the region, upcoming projects, infra projects,  which are essential for every landowner/user. 
  • Market Intelligence: present guideline value, market rates. prevailing rates and previous rates comparison chart, growth prospects based on developments etc. 
  • It helps you to buy/sell.  
  • When you want to build it will give you best options. 
  • When you want to develop the land 

The land map will be developed as a marketplace for the activities that are associated with the land. 

Our plan is to map every piece of land. Thereby maintain a complete information of the valuable asset land.

Use this for creating an end to end solution for industry players.

develop landmap as THE MARKETPLACE. 


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