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Geo Application, Mobile Application and Web Application.

Recent Technology development and transition to the digital geography has brought in a revolutionary impact on the web and mobile development industry. That has created various options for business to analyze the data and its impact  GIMS have expertise in developing Geo-Based applications that help business to excel using the GeoData.  Geographic information systems that let you store, analyze and visualize geographic data. Be it mobile (smartphones and portable tablets) or web applications, we help you broaden the business interest by utilizing location to your advantage. Some of our solutions include 

  • Mapping of Voters data 
  • Mapping the customers' location wise to analyze for critical business decision.
  • Mapping a branch with its customers to know the access, distance and delivery time. 
  • Tracking of the sales force or employee force.

We not only develop an application, we also have a support and service teams to help in continuously service and monitor the app and its mapping needs. 

We have a call center/support center for major applications to develop a major application and support it over a period of time. 

We have a decade experience working on various web-based and mobile based application for the clients' requirements. Do interact with our project team to