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BIM for Infrastructure Projects.

Building Information Modeling is not just limited to Buildings. It has deeper implication for Infrastructure Projects.

  • Conceptualization, Planning, Approvals, and Sanctions are very important part of an Infrastructure project. Planning a project, creating it and exhibiting it to various people/organizations involved is a critical challenge. Infra Modeling is a solution designed to solve this problem of presenting the project to various people involved.
  • Infra Modeling is a solution to develop an infrastructure project on the location of Google Earth. This will have 360-degree view and interactivity. Zoom into any part of the project, tilt rotate and view minute details. GRM can be used for the study, analysis, and improvement of an Infrastructure Project.
  • Infra Model is designed to help in Planning an INFRASTRUCTURE Project that demands an understanding of location, its elevation, contours before planning. Our solution Geo Reference Model helps the planners with various options. We will develop the model the entire project on the location to the scale. The project will be modeled as per the terrain. Projects like a Dam, Flyover, Airport, Industry Park, Tech Park, Smart City, Stadium will be modeled on the location to the scale. This scaled model on the location is a very important tool for planning and improvising an Infrastructure project. Every major project undergoes various levels of changes before it is got into a final shape. It needs various levels of approvals and sanctions. It needs to be shown to several authorities before it takes a final shape. Infrastructure Modeling solution is a handy solution for planners of major projects.
  • Features of Infrastructure Project Modeling

                     o Project map on the location.

                     o Mapping as per the earth contours.

                     o Model of imp structures (may have box/shell model for reference)

                     o Model based on the drawings.

                     o 360° interactive view: Zoom into any part of the project, tilt rotate and view minute details. 

                   o Files stored centrally so that all involved in the project may access and study.

                     o Any changes to the project can be applied quickly. Next version will be made available in the server.

                     o Shell model of the project as well as textured can be developed.

                      o Images, video and KMZ files will be given as outputs. Based on the need of the client.

 Industry/ Application

  • Infrastructure planners, and companies involved in infrastructure development.
  • Architects.
  • PMCs
  • Governments – Local as well as central governments.
  • Industrial Parks, IT Parks, Textile Parks, Textile parks, Smart Cities etc.
  • Smart city developing agencies.
  • Flyover, Dam, Canal, Water Management Project
  • Airports, Seaport, Warehousing, Major industrial units.


   o Planning is a critical stage. Infra Model helps planners and their team to plan better.

   o Model of the project will be developed in a quick time.

   o Geo Model will be developed as per the terrain and it will have interactivity easy to study and understand.

   o Changes can be applied quickly.

   o Presentation for Approvals and Sanctions will be more effective.

   o Stored in a cloud so that all team members can access.

   o Can be viewed on the earth/ map location


  • KMZ file
  • High-Resolution non- rendered Images
  • 360°Video