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Business Opportunity - Join A Billion $ Biz

Business Opportunity - Join A Billion $ Biz

June 20, 2018   

Inviting Young Dynamic Graduates to be part of the Most Promising Business

A Lucrative Long-Term Business Opportunity @ All Important Location of

LandMap where we invest for your business

LandMap is an ambitious project to map and index every piece of land. LandMap helps you to

A long-term business opportunity for youngsters to make it big.

What is landMap?
Land is a valuable asset we own. Every piece of land is available in map and it is unique. We perform various activities on the valuable asset. Buying, selling, developing, construction, joint venture, Farming, Agriculture, contract Farming like this we keep doing many activities in the piece of land we own.
Every piece of land has a boundary, dimension, area, elevation, rainfall, tittle deeds etc. This involves various functions like payment of tax, dues etc.
Don’t you think that every piece of land, needs an asset management tool?
Yes LandMap is a tool that helps people to Map – Store – Share – Manage your valuable asset Land.
To give people the power of managing their asset we have developed an asset management tool. This is Landmap. Map has every piece of land. And it is unique. We are utilising this map feature to create the asset management tool. Using this we are aiming to map millions of lands and help people to manage their valuable asset.
GIMS has developed a new technology MICROMAP to implement the plan. Micro map is a technology that allows you to input the details of your land and manage it. It is not just mapping; micro map is much more than mapping. When you map your land using our technology, it will link you a range of information and service. This helps you to manage your valuable asset land.

When you map a land using MICROMAP technology you can access series of information and services.
• The Area of your land ( in acres, hectors/Sqft etc)
• Dimension of your land from all sides.
• Elevation of your land from the sea level.
• Elevation profile of the entire land (every part of land can be measured for its elevation)
• Rainfall of the location and region. Prediction for the coming year.
• Soil related data of the region. And your land data may also be fed in.
• Climate information
• And many more useful information pertaining to your land will be provided using micro map technology.
It is not just information there is much more with landmap.
• It will link you to an asset management tool that helps you to manage your land.
• This helps you to digitalise your records and title deeds and store it safely.
• This helps you to pay taxes and dues on time by reminding.
• Provide the required asset management tool to manage your valuable asset land.
• Helps agriculturists to increase the productivity on their land.

Our aim is to develop landmap as a market place for all your land related information, development and transaction. Therefore we have advocated various levels of service for the mapped land.
• When you map your land, you may mark it as private option. Later you may decide to go for a construction on the site. Then you may change the status as for construction. Using this information industry people will contact you with best offers on construction.
• In the same way if you want to sell your land/site/plot, we will ensure that you will get best offers as we are creating an end to end solution for the benefit of buyers of sellers of land. Our aim is to develop landmap as an end to end solution for land buyers and sellers. An exclusive market place for transacting land.
• Landmap will integrate the industry through a common medium MAP.
• We will provide elevation profile, plot monitoring service and various other solutions to the mapping community.
• Agricultural lands will be linked to soil testing lab, suppliers of manure and various other equipment.
Whether you buy, sell, develop, construct, grow LAND map will be handy for you. All these features and services of land map is absolutely free for everyone who uses landmap.

REVENUE MODEL for Mappers:
Landmap has various revenue models that will be a long-term business from the most valuable asset LAND.
• Land Map will provide end to end solution for land, plot, estate and other buyers. Presently there is no end to end solution providers in the Real Estate Market. There are various property portals that are only an information source. Land map is an end to end solution for every buyer.

REVENUE MODEL for Mappers:
Landmap has various revenue models that will be a long-term business from the most valuable asset LAND.
• Land Map will provide end to end solution for land, plot, estate and other buyers. Presently there is no end to end solution providers in the Real Estate Market. There are various property portals that are only an information source. Land map is an end to end solution for every buyer. Therefore we are recruiting Mappers at every place and these are networked professionals who work hand in hand to create a strong database and generate leads and convert them.
• You are Trained to undertake various activities to create a very lucrative business in your place/region/locality or town. And Every activity will fetch you a revenue.
• You are involved in the following activities as a LANDMAPPER.
1. Mapping of Land,
2. Verification of Land, Owner, ownership and documents.
3. Coordinating with a lead that is generated by a team member.
4. Organising Land inspection
5. Organising Meeting with the seller
6. Requesting Legal verification of a document
7. Negotiations
8. Registration and possession of land to the buyer.
Land Dealings are a team work. It needs various levels of work, visits, inspections and closing. Every activity undertook by you will fetch you the revenue.
Lets see an example:
You may map or people may map about 100 lands in your place. Out of Which 10 lands may have the potential for selling
Every commercial land mapped by you or your effort will have a credit of points for you.

You have option to choose these properties for your business that has a revenue.
You can choose such a land and conduct an verification process of meeting the seller and getting the authentic information and consent about the land. You will get a credit for the work That credit will reflect in your account. Such verified lands will generate more response and leads.
You or Another team member may generate a lead for the land that you have verified. There is a credit of points for the leads generated by you.
Generated lead may need various levels of help like documents, meeting and inspection You have option to participate in all such activities. And every activity done by you will be monitored and recorded in a system And that will give you credits of points.
Seller and buyer meeting, negations and closing This is the main activity and that will generate you good points and revenue.
Normally Land dealings are done as a team activity. We have a system that will monitor every activity undertaken by team members. And all the team members will share the revenue. This will create a win win situation and nation-wide market for your services.
The complete set of activities will be monitored by the system. Every activity you are doing to be recorded. Every meeting needs to be entered into a system and all the parties will get a copy of it.
We are creating a system that can bring transparency to the land dealings.
We are going to charge buyer and seller a nominal fees that would be our revenue and it will be shared between all those involved in a dealing.

• Every activity performed on the mapping, verification, legal, meetings, consent, handling of a lead, is being tracked by a specially designed software. Where you need to enter every activity into a system. So that entire team can work professionally and track every activity and bring transparency to the system.
• Every meeting will be recorded and minutes of the meeting will be circulated to all team members so that the parties involved have the complete knowledge of the happenings. No assumptions, no hanky panky allowed.
• Corporate team will monitor the activities and keep a tab on the entire system so that it can function properly.
• You will undergo a professional training for every activities.

In addition to the main revenue you will have various other revenues as we are involved in various services to land developer’s community.
Other revenue includes:
• Web services for Land Developers
• Complete Marketing solution for Developers
• Designing services
• Project Films
• 3D Designing/Model of projects
• Drone and aerial photography
These services are essentially required for most of the developers. And when we upload the projects for free many of the clients will come back for services thus giving you some regular Income.

Premium Services :
• As a local business partner of landmap you have various levels of income.
• We have various premium service, that are part of the land map.
• Any revenue accrued out of your mapping, effort, or participation, you will have a share of income on all such transaction
• In addition you also have options to create income by identifying the specific target in our data.
• Main income would be by providing end to end solution for land buyers and sellers.
• Assume that you are a mapper at a place SHIMOGA.