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3D Mapping of a REAL ESTATE Project

3D Mapping of a REAL ESTATE Project

December 05, 2017   

When you are in the process of building a major project, you have the challenge to show the project to the client with various options. You need to showcase the project to various authorities in various locations at their time. Major Real Estate Projects can be mapped in 3D easily and quickly. These 3D maps are produced on the location of Google Earth. Visualisation gets more effective with a location-based 3D map. The other major advantage of this kind of 3D mapping will be, it is mapped as per the terrain of the earth. This is a very distinct advantage that makes the 3D mapping of a project by GIMS ( a much sought after solution from architects and clients. During the initial stages of the project, clients do demand more options to approve and sanction. This is a critical stage of a project. Geo maps and 3D maps help in quick decisions. 

We can create such model of the building quickly with lesser cost for your presentations and showcasing.

Conceptualisation of a project is a very important aspect of a major project. Geo Mapping is a very handy solution, that helps in better planning. Our solutions have helped various cleints in planning and approvals during initial stages. When a project has to be presented to various agencies, departments, approvers, sanctioning authorities this is a handy solution.
Features of Geo 3D mapping are:
This can be developed quickly. No rendering.
This can be done in stages. For example when the landscape plan is ready this will be mapped in a separate layer and rest of the structures can be added as and when it is ready. All works are mapped in layer. Facilitates easy change/update.
Structures/building can be mapped with a shell models in the initial stages to give the idea of the shape, size and height. When the texturing reference is done textured models will be mapped.
You may provide various options to the client. Like version 1, 2 etc. All such versions are made available in the server so that comparing can be done.
Changes can be applied quickly and easily. Changed versions will be mapped as and when it is sent.
Outputs will be in the form of KML/KMZ files that can be viewed on Google Earth. Zoom in/out, Tilt, rotate options will give the client best options to view a project from any angle. Image and movie options can also made available based on the need of the client.

We receive details from client on line. We get the geo coordintes and map a project
Level 1. Landscape mapping. Once we have details of structures and building it will be mapped as per the drawing. In the first stage box shaped models will appear. Or simple texturing will be done based on the need of the project and client.
When the clinet has varios options to show to cleint we will model all such data and keep it as versions. Different files will be uploaded to the server/sent to the cleint. So that various options can be viewed.
Some times client may go for a mobile app to showcase the entire projects and versions and options. Such app will be developed and data will be hosted as per the need of the client.
Very iportant aspect of this solution is it comes to you at a very nominal cost.
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